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Scope of Services Provided by J & S Inspections

At J & S Inspections, we offer storm restoration and ongoing support services for electrical utilities. Our teams respond fast in a crisis, evaluate and prepare an area for construction and maintenance activities, and audit work after completion. From highly skilled engineers to reliable meter techs, we also offer a wide range of personnel to serve your agency day to day.

Here’s a quick overview of our capabilities:

  • Storm Coordination

  • Wire Down Guards

  • General Foreman

  • Field Construction Coordination

  • Field Service Reps

  • Feeder Audits for Maintenance

  • Street Light Inspections

  • Storeroom Keeper

  • Damage Evaluators

  • Engineers & Designers

  • Construction Auditing

  • Logistics / Supply / Drivers

  • Meter Technicians

  • Phase Walkdown

  • GPS Capture

Equipment and Supplies

Our fleet includes bucket trucks as well as light utility trucks and vans, and we provide housing for our crews. Each team shows up at your worksite equipped with industry standard storm equipment and ready to work. We also supply our employees and contractors with:

  • Personal Volt Detectors (V-watches)

  • Meter Maintenance Equipment

  • Safety Equipment Trailers

We routinely invest in additional equipment when required to get the job done for our clients. Let us know what you need us to bring, and we’ll make it happen.

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